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Mexico Vacation

Monday, January 14th, 2008

Puerto Vallarta

scribblings on our guide bookWe left a dreary Boston on Sunday afternoon bound for Puerto Vallarta via St. Louis and Dallas.  Even the seasoned check-in agent was surprised about the stop in St. Louis, but I guess you can’t complain when you are using frequent flyer miles.  I’ve never been a fan of Chili’s One (or as I call it Chiji’s), but strongly suggest avoiding Chiji’s Too if you are ever in St. Louis.  By 10PM we were in mild nighttime Peurto Vallarta.  We chose to take a shared taxi to our hotel.  After we dropped off some resort-goers, Kate started practicing her Spanish with the taxi driver.  It turned out he was better than a tour guide and spent at least 15 minutes telling us (her) about some of the places we planned to go after we picked up a rental car.  Every time Kate mentioned somewhere we were interested in, he would get a light in his eyes and tell us about it and write down [pic] some interesting facts.  He was pretty emphatic about Tapalpa, “Taaappppalpa – si, Talpa – no,” he said a number of times referring to two different towns.  I was very disappointed that we did not have time to visit Tapalpa to try some “birria de conejo” (rabbit stew) as suggested by our taxi driver.  It was great to get his opinions, and as a bonus he told us the best map to get, the mapa Roji, a real road atlas. (more…)