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Sound, USB 2.0 and DIrectX3D in VMWare Player for a Windows XP guest

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

I have had a Windows XP virtual machine kicking around for a while and just figured out how to upgrade it for some of the new features of VMware Player 2, as well as fix the sound problem I’ve always had with the virtual machine. (more…)

Ireland 2007

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

At the end of October, I traveled to Ireland to do a week-long training for a work. However, not being one to pass up an opportunity to explore, I took some vacation time as well.

I left Boston on Friday night bound for Shannon, via Dublin. Unfortunately I had a 6-hour layover in Dublin – no doubt anyone who has experienced this layover has said “never again,” as I did. When I arrived in Dublin at 5:30 AM, there were a few people starting to filter in for early-morning flights. The airport pubs were open too, and they were already pouring Guinness. Something just didn’t feel right about drinking before dawn, so I held off having my first Guinness [pic] in Ireland until about 8:30, with my breakfast bagel. It was excellent. (more…)