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Read commercial DVDs in Ubuntu

Monday, June 18th, 2007

I had libdvdcss working for a while on my Ubuntu PC, but at some point it stopped working for most if not all DVDs.  I could not read the DVDs at all, let alone play them.  I tried a number of players, and a number of techniques to back them up, but nothing worked.  I had installed libdvdcss from medibuntu, which is referred to in the main Ubuntu help here.  I added the medibuntu to my apt sources.list as shown in the medibuntu howto.   There are multiple other sites and forums which explain this process, but that is straight from the horses mouth.

I still do not know why the package stopped working for me; however, to solve my problem I removed libdvdread and libdvdcss from my installation with the package manager.  I also removed all dependant packages.  I then installed libdvdcss the old fashioned way as detailed here, among other places.  I needed to follow the directions I was given to build an “experimental” install on my AMD64 machine.  Voila, reinstall libdvdread, vlc, and some of the other packages that had been removed, and everything worked fine.  I’m still not sure exactly what the root cause was…