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Cross-Country Travel, Chapter 5 – Highest Point, Lowest Point

Monday, September 30th, 2002

September 2002

This update starts right after Burning Man. Luckily my friend had relatives in Carson City, so we drove there and had the first shower in a few days of desert dust and heat. His uncle also made a really good dinner which was great after days of canned vegetables and instant soup. It was especially good to be able to taste something again. The dust on the playa got into my tastebuds and my nose, until everything tasted and smelled the same (including Bud Light, and the porta-potties). It turned out there was a place to go 4-wheeling right nearby.


Cross-Country Travel, Chapter 4

Saturday, August 31st, 2002

This part of the trip starts after I had been in San Francisco for a week with my parents and my sister. My parents and I headed out for Olympia Washington from San Francisco via the coastal route. The coast of California and Oregon were beautiful, but also VERY foggy. So foggy that one town we went through had an all-time high temperature of 69 degrees. From the coast we headed into the Columbia River Gorge. The scenic drive has many waterfalls. The Columbia Gorge, as it turns out, is also a wind-surfing “Mecca”. (more…)

Cross-Country Travel, Chapter 3

Sunday, July 21st, 2002

June 25, 2002-July 21, 2002

I’ve started reading 400-page “Blue Highways” by William Least-Heat Moon. The book is about his trip across the country on “blue highways” (two-lane roads). I was surprised to find out that he was only on the road for 3 months (which makes me a little skeptical about the length of the book). Anyway, get ready, because I’m taking the challenge, and my monthly updates are going to be about 120 pages from now on. I added links to pictures in this email, since I haven’t managed to make a real website. I can’t take credit for the pictures of Chaco, and ballooning; they are borrowed.


Cross-Country Travel, Chapter 2

Wednesday, June 12th, 2002

June 1, 2002-June 12, 2002

I started in Atlanta, and then headed to northern Georgia, to the mountains and National Forests. Northern GA reminded me a lot of NH, and I started to feel relieved to be out of FL. In GA I did alittle four-wheeling in the National Forest, camped at the highest lake in GA, drove to the highest mountain, and then headed to Asheville, NC. In Asheville I went to my favorite Chinese Buffet, and got ready to head to the Great Smokey Mountains.


Cross-Country Travel, Chapter 1

Friday, May 31st, 2002

May 6, 2002-May 31, 2002

We left NYC on 5/6 and made a small loop through North Eastern PA, and the Delaware River Water Gap, and then down the coast of NJ. I wasted a whole $10 on the slots in Atlantic City, but it provided about 2 hours of entertainment. We then crossed the Delaware Bay on the Cape May Ferry, and drove down the coast, stopping at the Assateague Island National Seashore to see the wild horses. We stayed in Hampton, VA with Dustie’s relatives, and got a tour of Langley AFB. When we turned inland, we stopped at some of the historical towns (Yorktown, Jamestown, and Colonial Williamsburg). We went to Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello, which was well worth the visit. We then did a quick drive through the mountains in Western Virginia and West Virginia. It’s amazing how windy the roads are with switchbacks up one side of a valley, and then down the other side, with a new valley every few miles. It’s doesn’t make for very exciting driving in an SUV. Even the main roads in WV are constantly curvy.